2011 Latin American Arbitration Table

D.R. Martin, LLC Arbitration Table for Latin America

©2011 D.R. Martin, LLC

International arbitration facilities available to U.S. investors for disputes with private parties and governments in Latin America. Treaties and international agreements are subject to declarations and reservations.

“New York Convention”: The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, done in New York on June 10, 1958.  “Panama Convention”: The Inter-American Convention on International Arbitration, done in Panama City, Panama on January 30,1975.   “ICSIS Convention”: The Convention on the Settlement of Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States, done in Washington, D.C., on March 18,1965.

Country Disputes with private parties Eff. date Disputes with government Eff. date
Argentina New York Convention   3/14/1989 ICSID Convention   11/18/1994
  Panama Convention   1/5/1995 U.S.- Argentine bilateral invest- 10/20/1994
          ment treaty    
Bolivia New York Convention   4/28/1995 ICSID Convention   7/23/1995
Brazil Panama Convention   11/27/1995    
  New York  Convention    5/09/2002        
Chile New York Convention   9/4/1975 ICSID Convention   10/24/1991
  Panama Convention   5/17/1976    
Colombia New York Convention   9/25/1979    
  Panama Convention   12/29/1986    
Costa Rica New York Convention   10/26/1987 ICSID Convention   5/27/1993
  Panama Convention   1/20/1978    
Cuba New York Convention   12/30/1974      
Dominican New York Convention  10/7/2002    
Ecuador New York Convention   1/2/1962 ICSID Convention   2/14/1986
  Panama Convention   10/23/1991      
El Salvador Panama Convention   8/11/1980 ICSID Convention   4/5/1984
Guatemala New York Convention   3/21/1984    
  Panama Convention   8/20/1986    
Honduras Panama Convention   3/22/1979 ICSID Convention   3/16/1989
Mexico New York Convention   4/14/1971 NAFTA (Chpt. 11 Section B) 1/1/1994
  Panama Convention   3/27/1978    
Nicaragua New York Convention  12/23/2003 ICSID Convention   4/19/1995
Panama New York Convention   10/10/1984 U.S.-Panama bilateral invest- 1991
  Panama Convention   12/17/1975 ment treaty    
Paraguay Panama Convention   12/15/1976 ICSID Convention   2/6/1983
Peru New York Convention   7/7/1988 ICSID Convention   9/8/1993
  Panama Convention   5/22/1989    
Uruguay New York Convention   3/30/1983    
  Panama Convention   4/25/1977    
Venezuela New York Convention   2/8/1995 ICSID Convention   6/1/1995
  Panama Convention   5/16/1985        
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